Sunday, April 22, 2012

Game Level and Rapid Prototyping Demo

Wow what a ride! I can't believe that 2 days ago I had nothing and now I got this really cool partially complete game, with many fun and cute characters.
In this Game Level and Rapid Prototyping Demo I showcase how easy and natural it is to edit the game state and entities real time.You can even replace the entire Update method and plug your own in to test different ideas.
Also you can see how well the pieces fit together. All I have left is the bad guys and some Game Mechanics... which is pretty much the other 50% of the game.
I really enjoyed being part of Ludum Dare 23. I am going to do it again. It has such a great reward bringing my "pet project" to the next level and watch it grow up over the weekend.
I got big plans for RaptorGL which I wont talk about until each of them becomes reality.
Watch the demo and let me know your thoughts about it. And YES I will finish this game up, I kind of have to anyway my boys hardly can wait to help Captain Ant protecting his "Tiny World"