Friday, April 20, 2012

Here is my Game and concept art for LD23

It's the 5 hour mark of Ludum Dare 23, and I finished the game concept art.
My game is::

Captain Ant: Protector of his Tiny World

Captain Ant was walking in the forest. As he walked he came across a bottle he jumped on top of it to walk over it. BUT he did not pay attention and fall into the bottle through the crack. He was unable to climb out of the bottle so he made him self home with grass and other things the wind blow in through the crack on the bottle. It was his "Tiny World".
But just when he thought he can relax other bugs started to show up and trying to invade his tiny world he worked so hard. He had no choice left but to grab his good olde trusty Bug Buster HD45 and protect his tiny world from invasion.