Friday, April 20, 2012

Ludum Dare 23, Let's have fun!

As blogged about it before I am participating in Ludum Dare 23 a 48 hours game jam, and going to use RaptorGL to see it's strengths and weaknesses. I made a ridicules mistake last night and started a re-write of the Sprite class, so I have to finish that before I can get going on the game.

LD23 Theme: Tiny World.

I got a few ideas to explore and surprisingly only one of them is a platformer. I say surprisingly because I really like platformers and always in the look out to find an excuse to make one.
There is lots of way to interpret the theme. Large player trying to get through a tiny street in a Tiny World, Player can jump from one continent to an other since it is well Tiny World etc... and the list goes on.

I got everything ready at my office where I will camp out for the next 2 days as you can see in the image. I am going to post updates as I go, so stay tuned

The other tenants at my office are Very supportive about my game jam. They just can't get over that I will actually spend my weekend making a game. One of them (Theresa) especially, she left these notes on my door. She is working tomorrow morning so she is going to come and visit what I got done, talking about pressure.