Sunday, June 10, 2012

Battlefield for my 7DFPS game

Mountains and Dark Valleys 
Here is the first update on my #7DFPS game I am developing. I only started to work on it today and it's already playable. Well not a full game yet, but it has a huge terrain with mountains and dark valleys.You can walk around the whole area, so fun.
I made the terrain using the super awesome Terrain Toolkit. Surprisingly that was the simplest part. Adding a first person character and make it properly walk on the slopes was pretty hard. Although I am sure it's me being inexperienced working in Unity and 3D.

Give me the weapons
Once the terrain was out of the way it was time to add some weapons.Since I am keeping it simple I just used the cube and sphere provided by Unity. This allowed me to add 2 weapons to my player in an hour. Once they were aligned properly I just had to make them fire. I think that was the coolest part when I filled the the bottom of a small hill with bullets and bombs. Since it had no collision detection whatsoever they were just sitting there, lol.
I was surprised how tightly Unity integrates with JavaScript. I really hope someday Cocos2D will have the same. It was pretty simple to add collision detection for both the gun and the grenade. Sound was a little bit accord, in unity you have to add an audio source in the UI and reference it in code. But I am sure it's just me being rookie.

Whats next?
Need to add some nasty zombies to shoot and explode. Not planning on making 3D models so they might be just some square mesh running around.

Here is the current game play, so much fun already :))

Friday, June 8, 2012

Doing 7DFPS with a busy schedule. Why not?

Heard about 7DFPS many times before but I wasn't very interested to participate in it. I have been very busy to finish up 2 of my projects I am working on, and trying to stay focused on them. Also finishing up client projects too so I really need to keep distractions to the minimum.

BUT! I made the mistake watching their keynote video, which totally won me over.

Since I had such a great time doing LD48 and it provided very valuable feedback on RaptorGL and gamedev in general, I decided it will be a great way to learn more Unity3D. So I have been working on my schedule to make it fit with current projects, but still be able to make a playable game.

My goal is to keep it very simple. I got 2 different game idea right now but both of them will have the same winning requirement: Kill 4 enemies to win the game :)
I know it's not too ambitious but I want to finish it and make it playable if time allows I'll add more to it:) I want to make something really fun and actually Finish It.

Tools I will use are Unity3D, Blender, Photoshop, and Xcode. I am going to publish updates as I go so follow along. This is my first time writing FPS game so lets see what I can come up with:))

Here is the 7DFPS Official Keynote, who knows it may inspire you too ::