Friday, June 8, 2012

Doing 7DFPS with a busy schedule. Why not?

Heard about 7DFPS many times before but I wasn't very interested to participate in it. I have been very busy to finish up 2 of my projects I am working on, and trying to stay focused on them. Also finishing up client projects too so I really need to keep distractions to the minimum.

BUT! I made the mistake watching their keynote video, which totally won me over.

Since I had such a great time doing LD48 and it provided very valuable feedback on RaptorGL and gamedev in general, I decided it will be a great way to learn more Unity3D. So I have been working on my schedule to make it fit with current projects, but still be able to make a playable game.

My goal is to keep it very simple. I got 2 different game idea right now but both of them will have the same winning requirement: Kill 4 enemies to win the game :)
I know it's not too ambitious but I want to finish it and make it playable if time allows I'll add more to it:) I want to make something really fun and actually Finish It.

Tools I will use are Unity3D, Blender, Photoshop, and Xcode. I am going to publish updates as I go so follow along. This is my first time writing FPS game so lets see what I can come up with:))

Here is the 7DFPS Official Keynote, who knows it may inspire you too ::