Saturday, November 17, 2012

360iDev Conf and GameJam huge success for TrexGL and MOAI


This was my second time attending 360iDev. It is my favorite conference. They keep the attendee count low and there is no speaker's lounge. That's right, you get to meet and talk to the speakers in the hallways which is a huge plus compared to other conferences. It was great to put faces to twitter handles and see attendees from last year again. As expected the conference was very informative and I enjoyed the sessions. But as always the most learning happened outside of sessions in the hallways:)

GameJam with MOAI

I was looking forward to the GameJam this time around. I had big plans to work on TrexGL, my game library running on MOAI. I wanted to finish up the iOS project deploy so with a click of a button I can turn my MOAI project into an Xcode project. I not only finished it but I was able to add a dynamic build script for the Xcode project so it auto copies MOAI files into the project at compile time. Once Xcode project created I can just work on my game and hop over and click Run in Xcode to see it in the simulator. I will add this into my TrexStudio project which will combine all these tools into one. All I need now is time to finish it up, time is my biggest nemesis.

Working on my tool and running tests I was approached by a lot of game devs interested in what I was working on. It seems MOAI is still a very new and somewhat unknown game library in the iOS world. Surprisingly every dev I've met and talked to about it was excited and wanted to know more about it. MOAI was especially well received by Corona devs since they can transfer their Lua knowledge and also MOAI's licensing compared to Corona's.


Although I am a couple of months behind launching it, I am working hard on TrexGL at nights and weekends to get it ready for the official launch of
I am hoping to help promote and introduce MOAI to many more devs and help new comers to MOAI gamedev with my TrexGL library and tools.