Sunday, December 16, 2012

LD48 GameJam, Finally got something together!

Bad Timing

This LD48 had a bad timing for me. Family ski trip on Friday, by the time we got back I was ready to go to bed, even though I wasn't the one who was skiing all day. Something about being up there in the fresh air makes me super tired. Saturday my youngest boy turned 6 years old:) He has been waiting for weeks when the day will come. Woke up in the morning and he asked right away "can I have cake for breakfast"? Crazy cute. Can't believe he's already 6!

Make that game

Didn't have much time to work on it but I was able to get the core mechanics done in 10-12 hours with some "ok" graphics. I even got a hidden bonus in there. Can you spot it? :)
I spent a little time on saturday during the day, but ll it was good for is to get the idea together. This theme is really cool so I am sure I'll use it next year for our One Game A Month challenge. I love platformers so I decided since there is no way I'll have time to make the game I really would like it mine as well work on something that I can use as the base in an other project.

I used MOAI with my TrexGL library on top of it and Box2D. It was the first time I used Box2D with MOAI and I am pleasantly surprised how good integration it has. The only thing it was lacking is support for the awesome PhysicsEditor tool. But thankfully the exporter API is fully documented so it took me less than 30minutes to write one. It will make a great addition to TrexGL ;)
There are no Good guys, and no Villain. I just have the debug draw turned on so I can run, jump, and climb around. It already feels good to play. I wish I had more time to finish it on time. It just needs a few entities, some shooting. Pickup the goods and the menu almost fully done.
But it is already surprisingly playable. That's it for me for this LD48, time to hit the bed it's already 6am, and in a couple of hours it will be time to put my daddy hat on.

Pics or it didn't happen

Here is a screenshot of the game with only the Box2D bodies visible. I really like this look.

And here is one with the background and the platforms added. Those light blue rectangles are moving plaforms you can ride on. The two in the top-left corner are moving horizontally and the bottom three are vertically.Wanted to make a demo video but I don't have any screen recording software installed at the moment. If I get time today to install one I'll upload a video as well.
Can you spot the bonus in there? :))

What did I learn?

A lot! I learn more about gamedev and my tools during any gamejam than I do in an entire month!
Look forward to the next gamejam challenge which is coming up in the new year. Join in to the One Game A Month challenge and let's make a game a month, every month in 2013.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Got a Tumblr account, it feels like Google Plus

Well it happend. I got called "Old School" three times yesterday for using a blog over
It was coming I guess but I still don't truly get what Tumblr has over G+? I use Twitter A LOT, to share random thoughts and status and I don't mind the 140character limit.

Tumblr calls it self a "micro blogging" platform. Looking at it it look a slot to me as G+ since there is no character limit and you can easily share anything. It has the social aspect of it as well and you can follow other accounts and repost their posts.

Tumblr advantage over G+?? It's app and the interface in the browser to share very easily any type of media. I am very impressed at how easy it is to share a video or image with the app especially.

So even though I got a tumblr account I'll continue to blog over here and post random game and app screenshots and other thoughts over there that don't make up an actual full blog post.
But most of my small stuff still will go to twitter. So if you want to follow along come on over to and follow me.