Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Got a Tumblr account, it feels like Google Plus

Well it happend. I got called "Old School" three times yesterday for using a blog over Tumblr.com.
It was coming I guess but I still don't truly get what Tumblr has over G+? I use Twitter A LOT, to share random thoughts and status and I don't mind the 140character limit.

Tumblr calls it self a "micro blogging" platform. Looking at it it look a slot to me as G+ since there is no character limit and you can easily share anything. It has the social aspect of it as well and you can follow other accounts and repost their posts.

Tumblr advantage over G+?? It's app and the interface in the browser to share very easily any type of media. I am very impressed at how easy it is to share a video or image with the app especially.

So even though I got a tumblr account I'll continue to blog over here and post random game and app screenshots and other thoughts over there that don't make up an actual full blog post.
But most of my small stuff still will go to twitter. So if you want to follow along come on over to icoderogue.tumblr.com and follow me.