Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Game A Month Has Begun

As you all probably already know OneGameAMonth is a game developer challenge to build 1 game a month every month in 2013.
It started out as a dozen or so tweets back and forth with Christer aka @McFunkyPants and he took initiative (for which I'm utterly grateful) and started 1GAM challenge. Since then over 2800 gamedevs joined in. Amazing!
If you haven't already, go and watch the keynote on It will give you a clear picture on what 1GAM is and what it's not. Also read his blog post on how he made 12 games in 2012.


There aren't any! It is all about “You”, this challenge is here to help you start, boost or re-ignite your game developer career. As you heard in the keynote, if at the end of all this it just helps a few developers it's a WIN!


This challenge can help you build a nice portfolio. Think about it, by the end of 2013 you'll have 12 games to showcase. Not just that but you'll gain huge experience in the process. It will also show great on your resume that you committed to a year long challenge and you followed through, shows huge commitment.

How to get started

Come and signup at website using your twitter account. Complete your profile. Join us on and on IRC at freenode #1GAM.
Follow @OneGameAMonth, @McFunkyPants, and @LZAntal on twitter. I also created and am going to make more as people signup Twitter lists List1, List2, List3, List4. Unfortunately I had to split them into separate lists because of twitter's 500 member limit per list.

Start writing the games you always wanted! Anytime you get stuck just come and ask questions. 1GAM is a very welcoming and helping community.

What's coming

Working on a resource list for new game developers but I'm sure there will be plenty of good stuff for seasoned devs as well. It will include everything from tutorials on gamedev, level design, AI, math for games, free game art, game art websites, game art howtos.
Wrote a short blog post coming in a couple of days to help you write your first game, if I have time I'll implement it using

I'm also thinking of live streaming some game dev using and maybe MOAI if there is any interest for it. All my games will be very simple so even new comers should be able to follow along. Tweet me @LZAntal if its something that interests you.

Hope you join in the fun, I look forward to playing your games! :))