Friday, August 9, 2013

#7DFPS Started!! I'm back for the second time

Well the second #7DFPS is starting today... SO EXCITED!!! I got a lot of ideas to implement and add to my game I wrote for the first one last year. You can read about it here and watch a gameplay video as well.

First order of business is to convert the code from JS to C# and fix that bug in the grenade generator.
Planning to add enemies and obstacles to get around like trees and bunkers. I will keep it simple but I have to admit that I have been waiting for the opportunity to work on it and make it into a finished game.

Many people asked if I will use RaptorGL for it. Answer is as you guessed is no. Reason is simply that RaptorGL 3D is still in a very early stages and I want to finish this game instead of working on core lib.
This will give me a base game to convert it to RaptorGL. Thats on its own excites me a lot since I will have a working game to convert and see how RaptorGL 3D measures up and what shortcomings it have so I can fix it.

If you haven't join #7DFPS Go Do It Now!! It's a fantastic gamejam with a ton of talented and helpful devs. Make sure you follow them on twitter @7DFPS and follow the hashtag #7DFPS.

As always don't forget that the game you are writing could be one of your OneGameAMonth game for August :))

Enjoy your week working on your game and make sure you come and say hi on twitter @LZAntal


Watch the fantastic keynote and get inspired!