Monday, April 13, 2015

Disable java update checks

Well it happened again.That stupid java update window keeps popping up. It seems that every time I disable auto update check after a few weeks it gets re-enabled somehow.

After searching around i found a thread that recommends using this command at the terminal
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ JavaAutoUpdateEnabled -bool false

Lets see how long this will work. I do need java for android stuff so I can't just remove it, even though I would love to. If you have any other workaround ping me on twitter @LZAntal.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Great article on String theory disproved

Finally an honest and sincere article on the failure of string theory and the toll it took on science. It's not a new article but as I was studying and string theory came up I got pointed to this article.
Reading this and other articles from scientist makes me feel that hopefully new and actually prove able things will emerge and brain and finance power will be better distributed.

Look at the way the article starts:
Ladies and gentlemen, we have failed. As scientists and citizens, we have a singular duty to society to advance. String theory has become almost a religion to the physics community. We have become obsessed with the notion that it is the “best” answer. For the past thirty years it has been bent and reformed to satisfy new findings, instead of looking for a better answer; it has resulted in the restricted development of new theories by students and Theoretical Physicists, and has wasted the mental and tangible resources of the scientific community.
Now if that doesn't get you excited.... Then maybe this does:
From this point forward I hope you have the integrity to consider the obligations of a scientist to consider all things from a logical and methodical point of view. To harbor doubt in all things that cannot show consistent accuracy and precision. We have concluded that string theory is having ill effects on the advancement of theoretical physics and related branches of science, have explored some of its flaws and inconsistencies, and considered the toll it is taking on our science resources by monopolizing our finances and our brainpower. I feel confident leaving you with this mission and battle cry

Go ahead and read the whole article and get excited for science again.