Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quick post before January is over

Well my plan to write a post every month didn't happen. So here is this post to try to stick with it lol. I know it's not anything special but at least it's a post. 
Have been crazy busy with learning the ins and outs of NWJS library and the chromium APIs it wraps around. This has led me to brush up on C++11 which was on my todo list anyway. I am hoping to start to contribute to this awesome project. Especially since RaptorGL editor and tools using it. 
Python 3.5 came out and with its unicode, async lib and other goodies I decided to move all my new projects over Py3 and move my own libraries over it as well. I tested a few of my lobs and surprisingly they run close to 2-3x faster.
Some new projects I have to write in Swift so I've been having frustrating time converting my base Objc lobs over. Swift's annoying optional and unwrapping "!?" stuff makes it feel I am writing perl again. It's also a very rapidly changing language so hopefully it will be more user friendly soon.

Happy coding :))
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